They’re just words…

With almost everyone communicating via text these days it goes without saying that there are a plethora of  “buzz” words used daily to convey emotion. Long gone are the days when we had to wait for our mood ring to tell us how we’re feeling or use words such as “indubitably” in a sentence to confirm a lunch date.

This invention of meme words has left some words in the dark never to be used with enthusiasm again…or so they think. Writer/Director Xaque Gruber believes one word has really fell on hard times, so he wrote a short story that captures that predicament quite literally…

These “words” come to life in a narrative short Xaque has named poetically, “THE”. Cast in her second role on film is the wonderful and luminous Isabelle Garrett who portrays “THE” in the story. Her side kick from The Pistol, Anne Talbot will also return to play the role of THE’s one and only friend, “OF”. The film will also introduce Barry Shapiro in the role of THE’s dedicated psychiatrist, Dr. Heinrich Sprechen.

The Pistol was made almost a year ago to date and forged a great relationship between local filmmakers. In similar fashion to The Pistol we formed a small team of about 12 that includes production designer Jared Thomas, sound engineer James Fleck and Kenneth George as Director of Photography.

It’s ironic that one can not write a simple sentence without using the word “THE”, yet the…see I just used it! Yet, for some reason the word “THE” is really not as exciting anymore to say when you have words like “LOL” or “HANGRY”. Those tasty new adjectives are actually in the dictionary now, can you beleive it? OMG!

Here are some production stills and BTS photos from our first 2 days of production. Hopefully THE will make her way out of the darkness and find peace. It will also give her psychiatrist some relief from her lamenting.

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