Figure drawing studies (shaking off the rust)

It has been nearly 4 years since I drew off model which is too long. Most of my day-to-day professional work involves a keyboard and a mouse so no worries about unplugging for a night. My computer won’t miss me.

Figure drawing is tough and it will be frustrating at times however, it has been known to greatly improve posing in 3D animation because of the focus on form, silhouette and shape. The hardest thing for me is letting go and forgetting about making any mistakes which is why I need more practice.

Luckily, there is a fine studio in town that is offering weekly drawing sessions to the public.  I managed to shake off some of the rust tonight and meet up with some other wonderful artists. I was inspired by the other artists’ styles tonight; india ink, charcoal, colored pencil and water color. I decided to stick with good ‘ol pencil.

Here are the three sketches that I felt were decent (click to view large image).

Each pose was 15 minutes. The model tonight was great and I hope to continue improving my faces, feet and work on smaller gesture drawings. I tend to start really big which can paint me into a corner.